Necessory datas for Flexo Corrugated Carton Box Printing Apr 15, 2022

Flexo carton is a popular packaging product in the paper packaging industry, which is widely used in many fields such as food, electronics, agricultural and sideline products. In the production process, the following 20 groups of data are often used in flexo printing process:


Datas to be common used

1. The air pressure required by the slotting machine is generally between 6-8kgf / cm2.

2. When adjusting the position of the paper feeder, the gap between the front door and the back baffle is 1-2mm larger than the width of the paperboard, so that the paperboard can be stacked neatly and fall freely.

3. When the position of the paper feeder is adjusted, the distance between the left and right baffles is slightly 2-3mm larger than the length of the production paperboard.

4. The gap between the feed roller and the feed roller of the slotting machine is 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm smaller than that of the paperboard.

5. When adjusting the joint depth of the upper and lower tool slots of the slotting cutter, it should be controlled within the range of 1.5 ~ 2.0 mm. In principle, the joint depth of three layers can be smaller than that of five layers.

6. For the maintenance of the rubber pad of the water ink printing slotting machine, the depth of the cutter should be controlled at about 1.3 ~ 1.5mm during normal use, and the impurities and burrs on the surface of the rubber pad should be removed in time.

7. The best pH value of ink is 8.5-9.2.

8. Generally, the thickness of steel scraper for ink press is 0.15mm.

9. Flexographic printing pressure is generally between 10N / cm2-50n / cm.

10. The common specification of flexo for carton printing is 3.94mm.

11. At present, the number of screening lines commonly used in corrugated box printing by flexographic printing is 40-80 lines / inch.

12. Generally, the number of anilox roller line is 4-5 times the number of printing plus screen line.

13. Flexible resin plate can not reproduce less than 5% dot.

14. Flexographic printing mode life in the range of 500000-1000000 times.

15. Laser engraving Anilox Roller technology makes the engraving line number reach 1000 lines / in.

16. When the pH value is lower than 8.2, the viscosity of water-based ink will increase and the drying will be accelerated.

17. The pH range of some special water-based inks is different from that of ordinary water-based inks. The pH value of gold silver ink is 7.5-8.0.

18. Generally, the usage of pH value stabilizer is to add 1-2% of the total ink amount every 30-40 minutes and stir evenly, or add the stabilizer to the circulating ink pump.

19. In ink-wash printing, the addition of defoamer is generally less than 0.5%.

20. When the surfactant is added to the ink, the addition ratio should not exceed 2%.

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