• How to realize steam energy saving?
    How to realize steam energy saving?
    In the increasingly competitive market, how to reduce production costs and increase production efficiency has become the primary problem faced by each cardboard manufacturing enterprise. The traditional steam system has certain disadvantages, such as high energy consumption, condensate can not be discharged to the outside of the equipment, and a series of problems lead to a vicious cycle in the whole production. The appearance of automatic temperature control and condensate water recovery system has solved the related problems well, reduced the heat loss and realized the closed loop control of steam. Product features: The production is sophisticated, integrated combination machine, simple installation, suitable for every kind of boiler use. 1. The machine is module design, comprehensive, does not need to add any auxiliary equipment. 2. Impeller already pass the balance experiment of dynamic (Dynamic Balance Test), smoothing use, no shaking phenomenon. 3 With saturated pressure device, stable and quiet using, without Cavitations. 4 Use high sensitive instrument control system, precise induction, safety is especially good. 5 The unit has water safety control system, in order to avoid machine condensed water recovery of a large volume into boiler then caused accident. 6. Our device suitable for a large range of boiler sizes, the important part all adopts the advanced components, after installation can be long-term stable use. 7 Forced the condensed water is sucked back into the recovery tank, safety and no condensate accumulation, so the efficiency increases. 8 The condensed water can not be accumulated equipment, no water hammer phenomenon; can prolong the service life of equipment. The economic benefit: 1 Can save more than 20% fuel 2 Save a lot of boiler fee, water and electricity 3 Save a lot of water treatment costs 4 Increase heat transfer rate, improve the efficiency of the machine 5 Boiler water temperature difference is small, stable steam pressure 6 To improve the boiler efficiency, prolong the service life of the boiler
  • What to do to reduce the waste ratio in carton box factory
    What to do to reduce the waste ratio in carton box factory
    Core tip: From the quality of corrugated cardboard, we can see the production strength of an enterprise. As the first production process of corrugated carton box, the corrugated cardboard production line plays a key role in the cost and quality of the products. It is also the most variable and the most difficult link to control in all production processes. Only by systematically solving the five factors of people, machine, material, method and environment, can we effectively reduce the production of waste products in the corrugated cardboard production line and produce high-quality products.   1. Do a good job in the management of remnant papers The so-called remnant paper refers to the small roll of paper that has not been used up on the production line. Some companies call it "zero paper" or "paper end". Managing the remanant (paper head) is an important link to improve the utilization rate of base paper. The cost of cartons increases a lot because of not making full use of the remanant small paper rolls one by one. However, it is necessary to do a good job of managing it well. For example, in the distribution of base paper, the appropriate paper roll should be selected according to the length of the order; when processing a large order, the remanant roll (paper head) should be inserted timely. In this way, the production efficiency will not be affected, and the residual volume (paper head) can be digested and used. The remaining length of the remnant (paper head) should be controlled, and it is not allowed to produce small remanant (paper head), which is often unable to be put into the machine. Some remanant rolls (paper ends) can be used as inner paper or core paper. The number of long-term orders can make the paper used up. In practice, there will be various kinds of problems, the key is to arouse enough attention, there will always be corresponding solutions.   2. Formulate loss index and define incentive method There are many projects to control production loss, but improving the utilization of base paper and reducing consumption is the most important project of the enterprise. According to years of practical operation experience, it is an effective method to reduce the consumption of base paper to formulate the index of base paper utilization and formulate relevant incentive measures. For example, according to the statistics of the average utilization rate of base paper in recent years, the index slightly higher than the average base paper utilization rate is formulated as the assessment target. The simple way is to convert the increase or decrease of the utilization rate of base paper into the actual money amount, formulate the proportion of incentive amount, and encourage the production department. The goal is clear, and the production department can see the completion of this goal and the incentive situation at a glance. This way will play a great role in stimulating the enthusiasm of employees, supervising, reminding and imp...
  • Cardboard Wrapping Quality Control Discussion
    Cardboard Wrapping Quality Control Discussion
    This article will discuss the causes and mechanism of corrugated cardboard warpage in detail, which is one of the basic principles of cardboard production. In addition, it is very helpful to arrange some operators to observe the whole process of papermaking process, so that they can better understand the characteristics of paper and solve the wraping problem of cardboard more reasonably.   Paper quality and characteristics Paper making machines produce much wider paper that are rolled into one or more rolls. A separate slitting device is set to adjust the width of the paper, and then rewind the web along the specified paper core under controlled tension. The inner diameter of the paper core should be suitable for the clamp on the corrugated line. The paper in the center of a paper machine is usually thicker than the paper on the edge. Similarly, the humidity in different positions of the paper machine is also different, which can be seen from the wet marks on the paper roll. Modern paper machines equipped with controllers can overcome these shortcomings, but these problems may still occur. If protective measures are not taken, both ends of the paper roll may absorb moisture from the air during shipment. As far as cost reduction is concerned, it is quite attractive to buy several tons of paper at same time, but it may also cause risks such as many storage, so inspection is necessary protective measures to the storage. This is an independent issue outside the cardboard production, but the understanding of this issue can help operators decide whether to use a particular roll, leave it to adjust for a period of time, or dispose of the roll as waste. Corrugator Line Wet End employees should be provided with portable measuring instruments to help them check the roll twice before loading. Paper is a natural product, so just as there are differences between different rolls of paper, there are also differences in paper in the same roll. The expansion or shrinkage of the original growth fiber kraft paper in the direction perpendicular to the paper texture is twice as large as that along the paper texture. Modern paper machines are specially designed to give random orientation to the fibers inside the paper, rather than straighten out the fibers along the running direction of the equipment. If the paper expands due to the increase of humidity, move the paper back to the original humidity environment, and the paper will shrink to smaller size in the vertical and horizontal direction. This phenomenon is called "lag effect". If you repeat the same steps for the same paper again, the paper will further shrink as a whole, but the degree of shrinkage will decrease with each repetition. Paper with a high moisture content is more likely to absorb extra moisture than paper that was previously dried. If the paper is heated, the water absorption effect will be enhanced, similar to the expansion and shrinkage effects. The size of lighter face paper changes more gr...
  • Selecting a good knife tools for the carton box making machine
    Selecting a good knife tools for the carton box making machine
    Said Confucius, "A craftsman must first sharpen his tools if he wants to complete the job well. Living in a state makes one the wisest of its leaders and the most charitable of its academics." A craftsman must first sharpen his tools in order to complete his work well. High speed cardboard production line has always been paid attention to by the industry, the slitting part of thin knife is particularly important, and the application of thin knife greatly improves the quality of paperboard. Therefore, it is particularly important to select enough thin knife and its supporting consumables, which directly affects the quality and output of paperboard. The use of slitting cutter improves the quality of paperboard on tile line, so it is particularly important to choose thin cutter and its matching grinding wheel. The slitting cutters are mainly made of tool steel and cemented carbide. The main components of cemented carbide slitting knifes are tungsten, carbon and cobalt, which are made by powder pressing and sintering.     Classification and parameters: A. Tool steel 1. W6mn5cr4v2 -- high speed tool steel(Sharp steel) 2. Cr12 -- Cr12 chromium steel (die steel) 3. 9SiCr-9 alloy tool steel (tool steel) Although the Rockwell hardness of the above tool steel slitting knives after quenching treatment is not much differnce, the raw material prices and manufacturing costs vary greatly due to the different chemical elements of the steel. However, in the market, many manufacturers choose the Sharp steel knife because of its high temperature resistance, good toughness and unique red hardness. The edge of the blade is kept sharp and durable. Compared with other tool steel and die steel thin knives, its performance is superior, but the price is also higher.   B. Cemente Carbide Cemented carbide can be divided into tungsten cobalt and tungsten cobalt titanium. Generally, tungsten cobalt (YG) is most produced as the cutting tool. The raw material and manufacturing cost of this kind of blade are relatively high. It has high hardness, good wear resistance and longer service life, but it is expensive and it has no toughness and low bending strength. Tungsten steel thin knife is a kind of high quality cutting tool specially developed for carton industry users. By adding various additives to conventional tungsten steel grades, tungsten steel thin knives have the properties of high wear resistance, high strength, fatigue resistance and non fragmentation. Good machining precision: with excellent equipment and exquisite technology, the surface of tungsten steel thin knife is as smooth as a mirror, and the inner hole, parallelism and end face runout are controlled in a good range. Long service life: the service life of tungsten steel thin knife is between 4 million and 8 million running meters, several times higher than that of sharp steel knife, with high cost performance.   C. How to choose in performace and advantages? How to purchase the slitting cut...
  • How to reduce the worn of corrugated roller and extent its service life?
    How to reduce the worn of corrugated roller and extent its service life?
    Corrugated roller, as the forming mold of corrugated cardboard for the paper flutes, has strong friction contact with corrugated paper in the work, so it is inevitable to wear if there is friction. Only by understanding the causes of aggravating the wear of corrugated roller, paying attention to it and taking measures as far as possible, can the corrugating roller be properly adjusted and maintained. A. Causes of corrugated roller wear and damage (1) The influence of corrugated paper quality on the corrugating roller. If the material of corrugated paper is poor, the paper surface contains more impurities or dust, and the paper surface is rough, cause the wear coefficient of corrugating roller is higher. In order to reduce the abnormal wear of corrugating roller, corrugated paper with smooth paper surface and good quality should be used as far as possible. (2) The influence of corrugated paper width on corrugating roller. The wide width single facer machine is often used to produce with narrow width corrugated paper, and the position of corrugated paper is fixed in the middle of the corrugated roller, which will accelerate the wear of the middle part of the corrugating roller and cause the "middle concave" phenomenon. Attention should be paid to changing the position of narrow width corrugated paper frequently to make the two ends of corrugated roller and the middle part of roller wear evenly, so as to prevent the obvious difference when producing wide width corrugate paper, which will affect the quality of corrugated cardboard products. (3) The influence of production speed on corrugating roller. Production practice clearly shows that the faster the production speed of the machine, the greater the inertia vibration of the machine and the friction coefficient of corrugated paper on the corrugating roller, and the corrugating roller is more prone to wear. Therefore, the machine should try not to turn on the limit of high speed for production, or to control the machine speed as appropriate. (4) The effect of coating process quality on corrugating roller. If the same set of corrugating roller is processed or repaired by the same spray plating process, the wear resistance of corrugating roller varies greatly due to the difference of spray plating process control in different manufactruing batches. Therefore, it is necessary to select the manufacturer with reliable production technology, manufacturing scale and conditions to repair the worn corrugating roller, so as to ensure the quality of spray coating of corrugated roller, improve its service life and reduce the production cost. (5) The influence of improper operation and adjustment on corrugating roller. In the process of using the machine, improper operation and adjustment will cause wear and damage of parts related to the work of corrugating roller, as well as abnormal operation of corrugating roller, which will aggravate the wear or damage of corrugated tooth surface. The parallel must be adjust...
  • The FOCUS on selecting a high quality corrugated cardboard production line
    The FOCUS on selecting a high quality corrugated cardboard production line
    For a beginner in the carton box package industry field, it is always not easy to select a good corrugated fiberboard production line as the production line combined with a lot of different individual machines. And becuase the machine quality is one of the important factor directly affecting the cardboard and carton box quality, it also affects the factory normal daily operation and long term development. As many years in this industry, I always told the people invest in this industry that the quality is always the LIFE of a carton box package factory! For this part, I am going to highligh some of the most impotant points in selecting a production line to produce a good quality cardboard.   Here are some points you should focus on when selecting a high quality corrguated equipment, which will influence the production quality:   1 、 temperature control Temperature is a critical system for corrugated cardboard production lines. This will influence the forming and strength of cardboard. With different GSM paper, different moisture of paper, temperature supply should be controlled accordingly and precicely;   2 、 tension control You should offer flat cardboard or carton to your customer, but the tension of paper from different supplier is different, even every position of the same paper is different. Therefore, we should balance the unbalance tension in both sides of paper to ensure flatness of the cardboard.   3 、 glue thickness control Glue plays an extremely important role in the process of production, and the control of glue thickness directly leads to the costs of production. The instability of the glue control also causes the unstable quality of the product. If too much glue given, the cardboard will be soft, insecure, if lesser, the cardboad can not be glued securely. And the glue thickness in different speed should change accordingly, so it needs very good synchromizaiton;   4 、 moisture of paper and cardboard In middle east or middle Africa, the weather is dry, so the paper will be dried soon, and the cardboard will be like biscuit, easily crush. In Southeast Asia, the moisture is huge, so paper and cardboard will absorb water in the air and become soft. So moisture control of paper and cardboard is an important piont to consider,too.   Sincere Ivan Boxing Group Sales Manager
  • The discussion benefits of using automatic logistics system in a mass carton box manufacturing factory
    The discussion benefits of using automatic logistics system in a mass carton box manufacturing factory
    Many carton box production facilities in underdeveloped nations still use roller conveyors, however some larger facilities now use semi-automatic conveying systems. There aren't many carton companies in existence right now that have an automatic conveying system. Automatic conveying systems will eventually become the norm in the majority of carton factories thanks to the ongoing promotion of intelligent manufacturing in the carton sector. The transportation issues that plague carton factories will gradually go away once an automatic intelligent conveying system with a high level of intelligence is introduced. The following "benefits" can specifically be obtained from a mass carton box manufacturing factory that has a conveying system that is totally automatic.   1. Lower labor expenses. An illustration. With roller conveying solutions, at least 5 to 6 people can be arranged to complete production tasks in a daily production paper board 500,000 square meters of second-level factory; however, if an automatic intelligent conveying system is used, only one person is needed to operate the computer to complete production tasks.   2.Handling and stacking are more rational and scientific. The use of manual handling frequently "exploits any tiny opening" to stack, and when a pallet of cardboard needs to be moved, it is discovered that the cardboard is mostly inside. As a result, manual operation always results in time and energy waste; however, the use of an automatic intelligent conveying system allows the storage situation to be clearly seen on a computer and allows the intelligent conveying system to identify and record each step of the process as it occurs.   3. Expand the production capability. For manufacturers, the biggest cost is wasting capacity. If tens of millions of dollars worth of production machinery are not supplied on time for "promotion", production under inefficient conditions will result in high production costs. The automated intelligent transfer system optimizes all machines and equipment in the factory with timely supply and transfer efficiency. Therefore, you can maximize device performance.   4. Maximize disk space. Improved transportation efficiency and management reduce storage time and finished goods space in warehousing and production, resulting in truly efficient production. This means receiving orders-quickly arranging orders-producing-shipping all in the shortest amount of time. As a result, companies are always in a state of high productivity and high efficiency.   5. Make production safer. All mobile devices in the Automatic Intelligent Conveyor System are equipped with sensors that allow you to stop in time to ensure the safety of people and equipment if an object or person intrudes.   In conclusion, we does not uncritically support intelligent factories. Because markets have varying needs for products and economic development levels vary among nations, varied levels of industrial intelligen...

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