The discussion benefits of using automatic logistics system in a mass carton box manufacturing factory Jul 27, 2022

Many carton box production facilities in underdeveloped nations still use roller conveyors, however some larger facilities now use semi-automatic conveying systems. There aren't many carton companies in existence right now that have an automatic conveying system. Automatic conveying systems will eventually become the norm in the majority of carton factories thanks to the ongoing promotion of intelligent manufacturing in the carton sector. The transportation issues that plague carton factories will gradually go away once an automatic intelligent conveying system with a high level of intelligence is introduced.

The following "benefits" can specifically be obtained from a mass carton box manufacturing factory that has a conveying system that is totally automatic.


1. Lower labor expenses.

An illustration. With roller conveying solutions, at least 5 to 6 people can be arranged to complete production tasks in a daily production paper board 500,000 square meters of second-level factory; however, if an automatic intelligent conveying system is used, only one person is needed to operate the computer to complete production tasks.


2.Handling and stacking are more rational and scientific.

The use of manual handling frequently "exploits any tiny opening" to stack, and when a pallet of cardboard needs to be moved, it is discovered that the cardboard is mostly inside. As a result, manual operation always results in time and energy waste; however, the use of an automatic intelligent conveying system allows the storage situation to be clearly seen on a computer and allows the intelligent conveying system to identify and record each step of the process as it occurs.


3. Expand the production capability.

For manufacturers, the biggest cost is wasting capacity. If tens of millions of dollars worth of production machinery are not supplied on time for "promotion", production under inefficient conditions will result in high production costs. The automated intelligent transfer system optimizes all machines and equipment in the factory with timely supply and transfer efficiency. Therefore, you can maximize device performance.


4. Maximize disk space.

Improved transportation efficiency and management reduce storage time and finished goods space in warehousing and production, resulting in truly efficient production. This means receiving orders-quickly arranging orders-producing-shipping all in the shortest amount of time. As a result, companies are always in a state of high productivity and high efficiency.


5. Make production safer.

All mobile devices in the Automatic Intelligent Conveyor System are equipped with sensors that allow you to stop in time to ensure the safety of people and equipment if an object or person intrudes.


In conclusion, we does not uncritically support intelligent factories. Because markets have varying needs for products and economic development levels vary among nations, varied levels of industrial intelligence will result. To support the digital and intelligent transformation of businesses, factories must decide for themselves whether they require a conveying system. However, as labor costs rise every year, developing nations will inevitably move toward more sophisticated digital factories. If you're curious, find out more about your factory's current state and whether it can be transformed intelligently.




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