• Manos Pack in Greece
    Manos Pack in Greece
    Customer name: MANOS PACK  location: Thessaloniki, Greece SPEC: WJ200-1800-1 (Pre-print) Year: 2023          
  • Korean Gopanji box
    Korean Gopanji box
    Customer name: Gopanji box Production line size: WJ200-1800-2 Year: 2016      
  • Finland Pre-print Corrugated Line
    Finland Pre-print Corrugated Line
    Customer name: PA-HU  Production line size: WJ200-1600-2 Year: 2013        
  • Vietnam Samsung TV package
    Vietnam Samsung TV package
    Customer name: Kopack (Korean company investment in Vietnam) Production line size: WJ180-1800-2 Year: 2018    
  • Caspian Packagin Group
    Caspian Packagin Group
    Customer name: Global Box Co Production line size: K6 Year: 2018        
  • SA BoxBoy Group
    SA BoxBoy Group
    Customer name: SA BOXBOY GROUP Production line size: K7-1600*2800 5+1 Color, fully automatic flexo printer Year: 2019      
  • Saudi AL-MEDAN
    Saudi AL-MEDAN
    Customer name: Saudi AL-MEDAN Production line size: WJ150-2200-2; WJ200-2500-1 Year: 2011; 2016      
  • Caspian Package Group
    Caspian Package Group
    Customer name: Iran Caspian Package Production line size: WJ200-2500-2; WJ250-2500-1 Year: 2011; 2016      
  • America Global Box Co
    America Global Box Co
    Customer name: Global Box Co Production line size: FP-1220 Year: 2020    
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