The FOCUS on selecting a high quality corrugated cardboard production line Jul 27, 2022
For a beginner in the carton box package industry field, it is always not easy to select a good corrugated fiberboard production line as the production line combined with a lot of different individual machines. And becuase the machine quality is one of the important factor directly affecting the cardboard and carton box quality, it also affects the factory normal daily operation and long term development. As many years in this industry, I always told the people invest in this industry that the quality is always the LIFE of a carton box package factory! For this part, I am going to highligh some of the most impotant points in selecting a production line to produce a good quality cardboard.
Here are some points you should focus on when selecting a high quality corrguated equipment, which will influence the production quality:
1 、 temperature control Temperature is a critical system for corrugated cardboard production lines. This will influence the forming and strength of cardboard. With different GSM paper, different moisture of paper, temperature supply should be controlled accordingly and precicely;
2 、 tension control You should offer flat cardboard or carton to your customer, but the tension of paper from different supplier is different, even every position of the same paper is different. Therefore, we should balance the unbalance tension in both sides of paper to ensure flatness of the cardboard.
3 、 glue thickness control Glue plays an extremely important role in the process of production, and the control of glue thickness directly leads to the costs of production. The instability of the glue control also causes the unstable quality of the product. If too much glue given, the cardboard will be soft, insecure, if lesser, the cardboad can not be glued securely. And the glue thickness in different speed should change accordingly, so it needs very good synchromizaiton;
4 、 moisture of paper and cardboard In middle east or middle Africa, the weather is dry, so the paper will be dried soon, and the cardboard will be like biscuit, easily crush. In Southeast Asia, the moisture is huge, so paper and cardboard will absorb water in the air and become soft. So moisture control of paper and cardboard is an important piont to consider,too.
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