How to reduce the worn of corrugated roller and extent its service life? Jul 27, 2022

Corrugated roller, as the forming mold of corrugated cardboard for the paper flutes, has strong friction contact with corrugated paper in the work, so it is inevitable to wear if there is friction. Only by understanding the causes of aggravating the wear of corrugated roller, paying attention to it and taking measures as far as possible, can the corrugating roller be properly adjusted and maintained.

A. Causes of corrugated roller wear and damage

(1) The influence of corrugated paper quality on the corrugating roller. If the material of corrugated paper is poor, the paper surface contains more impurities or dust, and the paper surface is rough, cause the wear coefficient of corrugating roller is higher. In order to reduce the abnormal wear of corrugating roller, corrugated paper with smooth paper surface and good quality should be used as far as possible.

(2) The influence of corrugated paper width on corrugating roller. The wide width single facer machine is often used to produce with narrow width corrugated paper, and the position of corrugated paper is fixed in the middle of the corrugated roller, which will accelerate the wear of the middle part of the corrugating roller and cause the "middle concave" phenomenon. Attention should be paid to changing the position of narrow width corrugated paper frequently to make the two ends of corrugated roller and the middle part of roller wear evenly, so as to prevent the obvious difference when producing wide width corrugate paper, which will affect the quality of corrugated cardboard products.

(3) The influence of production speed on corrugating roller. Production practice clearly shows that the faster the production speed of the machine, the greater the inertia vibration of the machine and the friction coefficient of corrugated paper on the corrugating roller, and the corrugating roller is more prone to wear. Therefore, the machine should try not to turn on the limit of high speed for production, or to control the machine speed as appropriate.

(4) The effect of coating process quality on corrugating roller. If the same set of corrugating roller is processed or repaired by the same spray plating process, the wear resistance of corrugating roller varies greatly due to the difference of spray plating process control in different manufactruing batches. Therefore, it is necessary to select the manufacturer with reliable production technology, manufacturing scale and conditions to repair the worn corrugating roller, so as to ensure the quality of spray coating of corrugated roller, improve its service life and reduce the production cost.

(5) The influence of improper operation and adjustment on corrugating roller. In the process of using the machine, improper operation and adjustment will cause wear and damage of parts related to the work of corrugating roller, as well as abnormal operation of corrugating roller, which will aggravate the wear or damage of corrugated tooth surface. The parallel must be adjusted between the upper roller and the lower roller of the machine, and the pressure should be even and not too large. In addition, the machine should not be idling at ultra-high speed, which is also to prevent abnormal wear and damage of roller teeth.

(6) Influence of improper maintenance on corrugating roller. In the production process, attention should be paid to the lubrication and maintenance in strict accordance with the requirements, and the machine should be inspected regularly. If the roller bearing is short of oil, worn or damaged, it will affect the normal meshing between the corrugated roller teeth, increase the working resistance of the corrugated roller during operation, intensify the wear of mechanical parts, and affect the quality of the corrugated cardboard produced. Therefore, attention should be paid to timely replacement of damaged bearings to prevent abnormal wear of roller tooth surface.


B. Attentions to be paid in using and maintaining corrugated roller

(1) When stopping the machine, the machine should be allowed to run at low speed and idle for a period of time. After the temperature of the corrugating roller is reduced, the machine can be completely stopped. In this way, the abnormal deformation of the corrugated roller can be prevented.

(2) Before using the machine, pay attention to check the parallelism and fastening of each roller, and adjust the pressure between the rollers to avoid excessive pressure load and reduce abnormal wear.

(3) When adjusting the parallelism of the upper and lower corrugating rollers, it should be noted that the corrugating roller in contact with the pressure roller is generally free of "medium height". It is the installed reference roller. The parallelism of the adjusting roller is realized by adjusting the parallelism of the two rollers through the eccentric parts of the corrugating roller with the "medium high" characteristics. During the adjustment, carbon paper can be used to determine whether the parallelism of the roller is appropriate.

(4) In the production process, the corrugating roller surface can be sprayed with a small amount of oil mist or antifriction agent to reduce the wear of corrugating roller.

(5) When the machine is shut down for repair or inspection, do not pour water on the surface of corrugated roller for forced cooling, so as to prevent abnormal deformation of corrugated roller.

(6) The suitable lubricating oil should be strictly selected for different lubricating parts of the machine. For example, the corrugating roller and pressure roller of the machine have a certain temperature. The ordinary grease should not be used for lubrication, but the corresponding high temperature resistant grease should be used for lubrication, so as to ensure the lubrication quality and effect.

(7) After the corrugating roller is used for a period of time, the corrugating roller should be checked to see if the corrugating roller is worn down; if the corrugating roller is found to be worn beyond the product standard, the corrugating roller shall be repaired in time to ensure that the thickness index of corrugated board meets the quality requirements of customers.




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