What to do to reduce the waste ratio in carton box factory Jul 27, 2022

Core tip: From the quality of corrugated cardboard, we can see the production strength of an enterprise. As the first production process of corrugated carton box, the corrugated cardboard production line plays a key role in the cost and quality of the products. It is also the most variable and the most difficult link to control in all production processes. Only by systematically solving the five factors of people, machine, material, method and environment, can we effectively reduce the production of waste products in the corrugated cardboard production line and produce high-quality products.


1. Do a good job in the management of remnant papers

The so-called remnant paper refers to the small roll of paper that has not been used up on the production line. Some companies call it "zero paper" or "paper end". Managing the remanant (paper head) is an important link to improve the utilization rate of base paper. The cost of cartons increases a lot because of not making full use of the remanant small paper rolls one by one. However, it is necessary to do a good job of managing it well.

For example, in the distribution of base paper, the appropriate paper roll should be selected according to the length of the order; when processing a large order, the remanant roll (paper head) should be inserted timely. In this way, the production efficiency will not be affected, and the residual volume (paper head) can be digested and used. The remaining length of the remnant (paper head) should be controlled, and it is not allowed to produce small remanant (paper head), which is often unable to be put into the machine. Some remanant rolls (paper ends) can be used as inner paper or core paper. The number of long-term orders can make the paper used up. In practice, there will be various kinds of problems, the key is to arouse enough attention, there will always be corresponding solutions.


2. Formulate loss index and define incentive method

There are many projects to control production loss, but improving the utilization of base paper and reducing consumption is the most important project of the enterprise. According to years of practical operation experience, it is an effective method to reduce the consumption of base paper to formulate the index of base paper utilization and formulate relevant incentive measures. For example, according to the statistics of the average utilization rate of base paper in recent years, the index slightly higher than the average base paper utilization rate is formulated as the assessment target.

The simple way is to convert the increase or decrease of the utilization rate of base paper into the actual money amount, formulate the proportion of incentive amount, and encourage the production department. The goal is clear, and the production department can see the completion of this goal and the incentive situation at a glance.

This way will play a great role in stimulating the enthusiasm of employees, supervising, reminding and improving the ability of employees.


3. Make statistics on the utilization rate of base paper

The cost of base paper generally accounts for 70% - 80% of the total production cost. How to improve the utilization rate of base paper is the most concerned problem of paperboard department. It is very important to increase or decrease the utilization rate of base paper by one percentage point on the production cost.

In many enterprises, the statistical method of the utilization rate of base paper is only calculated by the ratio of the amount of waste paper produced during the production of paperboard and the input amount of base paper. Although this method can roughly reflect the utilization rate of base paper, after several months of statistics, it will be found that the total area of paperboard with the same area will also have a great fluctuation.

General enterprises will attribute this problem to the wear change of corrugated roller. The different wear state of corrugated roller can affect the utilization rate of base paper, but this is only one of the factors. The quality of base paper, especially the moisture content of base paper, will directly affect the utilization of base paper.

The quality of base paper should be considered in the statistics of base paper utilization. In order to obtain the relevant data of base paper quality problems, a certain amount of manpower and material resources should be invested, and the statistical method should be changed. It is important to solve the quality problem of base paper to reduce the cost of base paper. In fact, it is a complicated problem to calculate the utilization rate accurately, but it is not impossible. The statistics of base paper utilization rate of carton factory is nothing more than understanding the input-output ratio, understanding the actual cost of base paper when producing paperboard, and making clear how much space there is to improve the utilization rate of base paper. To make accurate, objective and true statistics, we must include the following statistics: consumption statistics of single facer and double facer machines; statistics of moisture changes of base paper; statistics of breakage times of base paper roll; statistics of replacement time of corrugated rollers; weight statistics of various wastes and waste paperboards; statistics of input amount of base paper.




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