How to realize steam energy saving? Dec 10, 2022

In the increasingly competitive market, how to reduce production costs and increase production efficiency has become the primary problem faced by each cardboard manufacturing enterprise.

The traditional steam system has certain disadvantages, such as high energy consumption, condensate can not be discharged to the outside of the equipment, and a series of problems lead to a vicious cycle in the whole production.

The appearance of automatic temperature control and condensate water recovery system has solved the related problems well, reduced the heat loss and realized the closed loop control of steam.

Product features:

The production is sophisticated, integrated combination machine, simple installation, suitable for every kind of boiler use.

1. The machine is module design, comprehensive, does not need to add any auxiliary equipment.

2. Impeller already pass the balance experiment of dynamic (Dynamic Balance Test), smoothing use, no shaking phenomenon.

3 With saturated pressure device, stable and quiet using, without Cavitations.

4 Use high sensitive instrument control system, precise induction, safety is especially good.

5 The unit has water safety control system, in order to avoid machine condensed water recovery of a large volume into boiler then caused accident.

6. Our device suitable for a large range of boiler sizes, the important part all adopts the advanced components, after installation can be long-term stable use.

7 Forced the condensed water is sucked back into the recovery tank, safety and no condensate accumulation, so the efficiency increases.

8 The condensed water can not be accumulated equipment, no water hammer phenomenon; can prolong the service life of equipment.

The economic benefit:

1 Can save more than 20% fuel

2 Save a lot of boiler fee, water and electricity

3 Save a lot of water treatment costs

4 Increase heat transfer rate, improve the efficiency of the machine

5 Boiler water temperature difference is small, stable steam pressure

6 To improve the boiler efficiency, prolong the service life of the boiler


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