Automatic Fold Gluer Strapper Machine
Automatic folder gluer JW B-Type
Automatic folder gluer JW B-Type
Automatic folder gluer JW B-Type
Automatic folder gluer JW B-Type

Automatic folder gluer JW B-Type

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Main features:

  • The feeding unit adopts suction belt feeder. Side baffle can pat the corrugated paperboard.
  • The gluing wheel is made of the stainless steel. Gluing pump supply the glue automatically. Glue less alarming and automatic cycle when the machine stops. Easy to be cleaned.
  • Upper and down carrier moved by liner guide rail and motorized controlling.
  • The pre-creasing wheels are install for the second creasing line.
  • The final folding unit adopts the servo motor driving for the precision folding.
  • The all belts can be easy to be changed.


Feeding unit

  • Side baffle can pat the corrugated paperboard and ensure the feeding precision.
  • Automatic belt feeder with many belts to ensure the feeding the cardboard.including the hard cardboard..
  • Feeding part adopts high pressure suction system,feeding accurate.


Automatic pump gluing system

  • Automatic pump gluing system.glue wheel is made of stainless steel.GLUE pump supply the glue alarm when glue finished.
  • Automatic cycle when machine stops and easy to be clean.
  • Motorized movement for the glue tank.


Folding unit

  • All down carrier are motorized movement.used many motors including servo motor to make sure the cardboard folding.
  • Upper creasing wheels to ensure the second creasing. It is 4 pieces and driving by motor.make sure the cardboard inner creasing and outside creasing.especially for the hard cardboard.
  • Upper and down carrier moved by liner guide rail.
  • Servo motor driving for the outer belts to ensure the folding precision.there are four servo motors.
  • Independent frequency inverter motor driving for the final folding unit
  • Under guide plate adopts integrated design,with four groups pressing line which drive separately in the guide plate.


Ejector & Counter

  • According to PLC touch screen programmer and control by touch screen.
  • Input data advance the machine working. Auto detector can output the exact numb
  • Counter and the push regulator using pneumatic mode.
  • Piling height:stacking number can be set freely from 10-30 pieces.


Technical Data




Max gluing speed


Max sheet size

2400 x 1200

Min sheet size

700 x 300mm

Folding mode

up folding

Available sheet

3 layers, 5layers7layers



Total power



380V, 50HZ, 3phase


14000 x 4000 x 2400mm





Line guide rail

  • Down and upper carriers are line guide rail with motorized adjusted.
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