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Automatic paper stock system
Automatic paper stock system
Automatic paper stock system
Automatic paper stock system

Automatic paper stock system

Automatic paper stock system is the new development to save the land and space investment cost in the packaging industry currently.

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Automatic paper stock system


Land and building cost take a high percentage in the whole investment, how to use the limit space to stock more paper already become a serious issue in the plan. Automatic paper stock system has the following advantage:

  • Save the paper mill stock area.
  • Save the labour cost.
  • Increase the efficiency.
  • Automatic storage and take-off the paper mill. All the data record in the computer system.


Before set up the automatic paper stock system, please check the following issue:

  • Do you have existing plant or not?
  • Whether there is an existing production line and how is the production line?
  • What is the proportion of corrugated cardboard or carton or color printing?
  • How many production lines are planned and what are they?
  • What logistics do you need to plan? Base paper or cardboard?
  • What mode does the base paper logistics need?
  • Base paper logistics, what degree of automation that you need?
  • Do you prefer any logistics system from other company?
  • How many cartons are planned by the you, and what specific models are included?
  • How many color printing equipment are planned, and what specific models are included?
  • Do you plan the production line for 24 hours?
  • How many groups of production teams are planned?
  • What is the planned monthly output of paperboard?
  • How many square meters of cartons does the customer plan to produce each month?
  • What is the average length and maximum length of the customer's corrugated cardboard?
  • What are you particular concerns?
  • Do you requires that all product processes flow clockwise or anticlockwise?
  • How is the boiler? coal boiler, gas boiler or pipe steam?
  • Whether waste cleaning system is required for tile line or carton workshop?
  • Is the stacker's paper discharging Chlorophytum a big Chlorophytum or a small Chlorophytum
  • What is the average radius?
  • Number of existing terminals or planned terminals?
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If you have questions or suggestions,please leave us a message,we will reply you as soon as we can!